In the era of plastics and computers we undertake to stone.

As passionate nature and the river, trying to preserve nature.

We keep it so you do not take anything from it, but we keep to what we give.

Accelerated the natural process as nature formed stone, and we create a Oblutak.

“Oblutak” is ecologically completely healthy product, it is not radio-active. After their petrological composition of the limestone, 90% makes calcium carbonate, which is not in any way harmful to health or the environment, what is more, the medicinal effects. This stone can be in direct contact with the face and hands, whether children or adults, and that they do no harm. Composition pebbles prevents rickets (a bone disease incorrectly formed in children due to insufficient ineralizacije / lack of vitamin D and calcium phosphate). It is recommended to walk barefoot on the stone, because then you will not have flat feet or any deformity of the spine.

Packaged in eco-friendly packaging makes a complete natural product.

It is used for all types of interior and exterior decoaration such as:

  • curbs around the house (drainage)
  •  material for garden ponds
  •  Fountains
  • decoration around the house and yard
  • covering the surface around the trees, trees and flower beds
  • for Japanese gardens
  • paths
  • gravestone monuments
  • decoration
  • flower boxes for fountain indoors
  • for decorating shop windows
  • coating the fireplace
  • as a filling material gabions (basket with stones) ..

Rounded stone represents the time, while a sharp stone represents flash. The walls Hilandara, Sopocani, Decani these are just lined with stone, rounded. The doorstep in many monasteries and churches is just polished and rounded against, and sometimes it was a piece of sharp stone, then imagine how much time has passed to jumping on him, the same stone smoothed ?!

Stone one word represents the enigma that reveals the secret depths of the earth, solidified the eternal power!

Beauty is the announcement of joy, and the stones of our product range is recommended for serenity !